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Smoking policy ahead

Ship-owners Svitzer Wijsmuller are running a pilot project to establish a smoking policy. It will be up to individual crews to decide what the policy should be.


Passive smoking - the boss decides

Bo Jacobsen believes that will not be allowed in the public areas on vessels. It is only a matter of time.


What he is less certain about is whether introducing a ban is a good idea. In the shipping sector, the old myth of freedom of the seas is still alive and Bo Jacobsen draws a parallel with the howls of protest that arose when ISM was introduced.

Avoid passiv smoking on board

There are now new requirements for signage for smoking cabins and smoking rooms on board

Lifestyle - part of education

But what else should we do? This is one of the typical answers given by seamen who are heavy smokers and big eaters when confronted with their self-destructive lifestyle at sea.


Stay away from our lifestyles

If the Danish Maritime Occupational Health Service and other well-meaning organizations spent just as much time and energy on solving the problem of piracy as they do on getting us seamen to change lifestyle, I think being at sea would be safer and less stressful. A robust comment from a 60 year-old seaman who has been sailing for years and who is thoroughly tired of occupational health advice has now gone so far as to cover personal life styles. The 60 year-old wishes to remain anonymous but wants to start a debate on

Plan your health

Karen Asmussen, a process and nutrition consultant, was really surprised the first time she was aboard one of A.P.Møller-Maersk’s container vessels and saw the choice of food available to crew every day.

Then she understood better why obesity is such a problem for Danish seaman.

“They were catering for the most choosey seaman and it is almost impossible not to put on weight, in any case in the vessels where they serve hot meals twice a day. It takes great discipline to avoid putting on weight,” she thinks.

Good advices and quit smoking courses

Being a smoker has become more difficult. It has almost become so difficult that you need help to find out how to smoke. At some workplaces, both ashore and at sea, smoking has even been banned outside – or if it is allowed somewhere, there are limits to how long you can be there.

Ideas and feelings about these trends are colourful to put it mildly but that is the reality faced by smokers.

We must learn to listen to each other

At the MSSM Conference, Søren Sørensen, the chairman of the Seamen’s Union, said that seamen should have more, real influence on decision-making aboard.

”We are not so stupid that we cannot be educated but we must learn to listen to each other, even though it is easier to give an order”, said Søren Sørensen.

The reason for this is the trend in the nature of industrial accidents that the union has been confronted with.

No isolation for smokers

Small flexible smoking cabin under development

As a non-smoker, it is great not to be plagued by someone else's smoke but neither is there much fun in sitting all alone in the mess or isolated in your cabin.

The smoking act has some good points but also some not so good. The legislation could mean dividing crew into smokers and non-smokers. And shipping then loses yet another social contact point.


Man or mouse



Small booklet available in Danish and in English.


The booklet contains ideas of how to quit smoking. You get concrete and precise advices in how to quit the cigarettes.


You also find the tlf. number of a counsellor from Seahealth who can offer you guidance and counselling during the process og quitting the cigarettes.


Experience shows that counselling makes it much easier to succed in quit smoking. Seahealth has a lot of experience in that kind of counselling.