Must have apps for the seafarer

SEA HEALTH & WELFARE did a survey among seafarers. We asked you what apps you have installed on your mobile or tablet and what you would recommend to your colleagues at sea. This is what you answered: 


Vessel Finder Free 

”I use his app to check out the maritime traffic and also to figure out where my colleagues are”. 

Lea, O.S

Vessel Finder is a free tracking-app, that shows real time data of more than 100.000 vessel positions.

 Find the app here:    



”Cool program and easy to use. Keeps tracks of my certificates and their expiry dates. Really recommendable!”

Jens, Deck Officer  

C-Alarm is an online webapp reminder service that helps seafarers and maritime companies worldwide. The app keeps track of and monitors important certificates and other documents that regularly require renewal and updates.

Find the app here: 


Xe currency 

“This app is really handy when I need to check out currency around the world. The best part is that it works offline so I don’t receive 

massive phone bills”.

John, chief cook

Xe converts currency from all over the world.

Find the app here:  


Human – Activity Tracker  

“Human Activity Tracker is a cool app that challenges me to be more active every day. It can sometimes be a struggle to stay fit on a ship. But this one makes it a little easier”.

Haakon, 1st Officer

Human – Activity Tracker tracks all your activity throughout the day. 

Find the app here:


Tides Planner  

”I really appreciate the apps specifically for seafarers. I cant wait to get started with this one.”

Leo, Deck Officer 

Essential TIDES tool for sailors, divers, canoeists, fishermen, surfers, swimmers, photographers and anyone involved with sport or leisure at the seaside. 

Find the app here:


Marine Rules & Signals 

”This app helps me learn more about for instance light and sound signals. It’s really cool.” 

Pedrio, cadet.

The reference guide to rules and signals at sea. Part of a series of Marine Navigation apps, Rules & Signals is a useful tool for sailors, fishermen, surfers and people involved in sea water sports. The Imray Marine Navigation reference products are intended for quick reference and learning.

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