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Do you need an extra little help to make healthier choices in the mess?Print out these signs and place them by the healthy options, such as by the salads, rye bread, fruits or drinking water. Press here, if you want PDF-format  Read more
 If a mooring line PARTS - where are you? By Senior Health and Safety Consultant, Master Mariner, Søren Bøge PedersenImagine you are on a vessel preparing for the ship to moor. The sun is shining and the crew knows what do. The pilot is on...Read more
IMPORTANT MESSAGE! Orange out – red and white in!– now is the last chance clean up the chemicals storage room   From 1 June 2017, all products bearing the old orange hazard symbols on board must have these re-labelled and...Read more
In connection with Managing Director Connie S. Gehrt’s resignation earlier this month, we would like to inform our stakeholders that future enquiries regarding health and safety for seafarers should be forwarded to our colleague and interim...Read more
MSSM 2017 registration is now open for the early birds! We are looking forward to welcome you for a jampacked conference on the 24th – 25th of August with the theme ‘Performing in a rapidly changing world’.  What can...Read more
Efter 10 års ansættelse har direktør i SEAHEALTH/Søfartens Arbejdsmiljøråd, Connie S. Gehrt, meddelt bestyrelsen, at tiden er inde til at søge nye udfordringer. Søfartens Arbejdsmiljøråd og Handelsflådens Velfærdsråd forventes sammenlagt ved...Read more
Kom og vær med når Handelsflådens Velfærdsråd og SEAHEALTH inviterer til 'Day of the Seafarer' på Højnæsvej 56 i Rødovre. Hør forfatter og journalist Lars Halskov fortælle om sin bog "Branden - gåden om Scandinavian Star" og...Read more
The new Medical Guide for Seafarers is authorised by the Danish Maritime Authority and is a completely new, updated medical guide for maritime use. Updating the Danish Maritime Authority’s medical guide from 1996 has long been on the wish list...Read more
Årets MSSM satser på høj puls og levende teaterMSSM-konferencen til august i Nyborg får deltagerne henholdsvis op og ud på kanten af sæderne med to af hovednavnene, Jakob Søndergaard og Forumteateret.Jacob Søndergaard kender mange fra TV-udsendelsen...Read more
At the end of the day, people are what everything evolves around. This year MSSM focuses on the most valuable resource of the industry; people. How do people on board as well as people ashore contribute to safer ships and fares?  The...Read more